Signal Integrity Simulations

Signal Integrity Simulations

Ensures accurate and noise-free high speed data transmission in PCBs for optimal electronic communication.

  • Impedance Optimization to minimize Return Loss.
  • System Loss Estimation and analysis
  • Simulation Correlation - TDR Measurement
  • Simulations to verify compliance of High Speed Interfaces
  • Pre and Post Layout DDR simulations
  • Co Design – (Die/Package/Board)
Power Integrity Simulations

Power Integrity Simulations

Guarantees stable and efficient power distribution to all PCB components, enhancing overall system reliability.

  • DC Analysis – IR Drop, Voltage and Current Distribution Analysis
  • Decoupling Scheme Optimization
  • Target Impedance Simulations for power planes across Die, Package and PCB.
  • AC Analysis – Transient Noise analysis
Substrate and MLO/MLC Design

Substrate Design

At Pactron, we excel in advanced substrate and MLO/MLC design, ensuring optimal system performance through specialized SI/PI analysis, Package-PCB fan-out optimization, and strategic ball map analysis.

Our designs are not only compact with high I/O density but also refined for reduced BGA pitch and precise ball assignment, addressing high current needs while minimizing delay and crosstalk, all within stringent impedance and IR drop standards.

Design Capability Highlights
  • Interpret electrical characterization and requirement for power distribution networks.
  • Delivered several Substrate / Package designs for different manufacturer specifications.
  • Insertion and Return loss Optimization for High-Speed Signals.
  • Integrated Power Distribution Network analysis.
Embedded Software Development

Embedded Software Development

Harnessing the synergy of low-level abstraction, real-time systems, and intricate hardware interplay, our embedded software development delves into the core fabric of technology, crafting optimized and scalable solutions that unlock the full potential of hardware-software integration.

  • Application Software and UI Development
  • Board Support Package (BSP) and Middleware Development.
  • Driver Development and Porting
  • Board Bring-up and HW Diagnostics
  • Embedded Application
FPGA Design & Prototyping

FPGA Design & Prototyping

Pactron specializes in delivering FPGA solutions that enable the creation of customized hardware designed to meet precise specifications, resulting in enhanced performance and minimized power usage. With a remarkable expertise in Board testing and debugging, we excel in crafting top-notch FPGA designs that perfectly align with the unique demands of various applications.

  • Architecture/ Microarchitecture development
  • IP Development in industry standard HDL languages
  • Expertise in Board testing and debugging
Prototyping Services

Manufacturing Services

NPI/Prototype Build

At Pactron, we assist our clients in transforming their ideas into tangible products during this pivotal phase where concepts evolve into reality. Through our NPI (New Product Introduction) and prototyping services, we empower companies to expedite their time-to-market by reducing development cycles and promptly adapting to market dynamics.

  • Concept to Design
  • Turnkey Assembly
  • Functional Test & Debug
  • Prototyping Iterations
  • Documentation and report
Production Build

Our small and medium volume PCBA production services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses, spanning from startups to well-established enterprises.

  • Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Material Procurement & Inventory Management
  • PCB Assembly
  • Quality Control & Testing
  • Production Support & Troubleshooting
  • Continuous Improvement and Optimization
  • Logistics & Distribution
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